Email Analyzer

This tool parses email message sources to extract and display important information for email analysis. It also uses external threat intelligence sources to enrich the data and present a threat score. This is a free tool provided, please don't abuse it. I will have a windows application released that has this capability and more for a low cost. If you like this tool or have comments please send me a message. Twitter/ @cyberbitz

Use: Copy your message source from your email application for suspicious emails and paste in the box. Then press "Analyze" and enjoy the result.

How to get the email source

  • Outlook - Select Email, select File menu then properties. The section called "Internet headers" is the source.
  • Gmail - When viewing an email click the three vertical dots menu on the right site and then "Show Original"
  • Apple Mail - Select Email, View > Message > Raw Source. Or Option+Command+U
  • Other - Look at your mail client documentation and search for raw, original, source or headers as this is called

What the result will look like.

If the threat score is higher than 10 you should inspect manually and be cautious about the email and the contents.

Example Output