Analyst Tools

We are building a suite of tools for analysts and incident responders. These tools are to be used for ethical purposes to assist in analyzing cyber events. Some use cases will be to identify if an IP address is malicious; Assists in email analysis; Create incident timelines; Visual log file analysis; and various other tools coming.

Tools List

Below are the tools. Please don't abuse them or I will have to adjust how I make them available.

Email Analysis

Submit the message source and your email will be analyzed and parsed in easily readable format. It also generates a threat score and incorporates threat data. more features coming soon.

Timeline Creator

Submit a simple CSV and it will parse the events into a vertical timeline with icons to represent categories like malware, action, analysis, etc. Visualize your incident easily.

Log Parser

Simple tool to parse your W3C logs and visualize threats from potential attack methods and IP reputation feeds. Coming soon.

Suggest a Tool

If you have a suggestion for a tool or parser feel free to leave me a message on twitter or keybase @cyberbitz